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A Synthetic Two-Spin Quantum Bit: g-Engineered Exchange-Coupled Biradical Designed for Controlled-NOT Gate Operations


  • This work has been supported by Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B: 23350011 and C: 22550124) and Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, “Quantum Cybernetics” from the Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science and Technology (Japan). The support for the present work by Japan Science and Technology Agency through CREST project, “Implementation of Molecular Spin Quantum Computers” and by the FIRST project on “Quantum Information Processing”, JSPS (Japan) is also acknowledged.


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A quantum gate: A system of two coupled electron spins that is useful for simple quantum computing operations has been prepared by synthesis of a biradical 1 and co-crystallization with an isomorphous host molecule. The two weakly exchange-coupled quantum bits (target qubit blue and control qubit red) span four electron spin states. The electron spin transition is denoted by two black arrows.