• copper;
  • impurity removal;
  • ion exchange;
  • luminescence;
  • nanoparticles

The authors of this Communication have noticed that in the top panel of Figure 1 B the x axis on the plot (and inset) is erroneously offset by 80 nm: the x axis range of the main plot should be from 420 nm to 670 nm, instead of 500 nm to 750 nm. The plot (and inset) with the corrected x axis is shown below. All other results and conclusions of the paper remain unaffected.

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Figure 1. […] B) Photoluminescence spectra of CdS nanorods (top), […] obtained from hot injection (red), cation exchange (green), and post-exchange purification (blue). […] Inset of B: Normalized photoluminescence showing similarity in the photoluminescence peak positions between samples obtained from the three different methods. […]

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