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PbS–Organic Mesocrystals: The Relationship between Nanocrystal Orientation and Superlattice Array


  • We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Hannes Lichte for the possibility to perform TEM measurements at the Triebenberg Laboratory (TU Dresden) and Jana Buder for the ultramicrotomic preparation of thin cuts of mesocrystals. L.L. thanks the research training group “Nano- and Biotechnologies for Packaging of Electronic Systems” for a scholarship.


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Try to make it ordered! Micrometer-sized PbS–organic mesocrystals show a long-range order of nanoparticles within an fcc superlattice combined with preferred orientational ordering of truncated octahedrally shaped PbS cores (see picture). The concept of formation and structuring of mesocrystalline materials is perfectly illustrated this system.