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Detection of Molecular Chirality by Induced Resonance Raman Optical Activity in Europium Complexes


  • This study was supported by the Grant Agency (P208/11/0105) and Ministry of Education (LH11033) of the Czech Republic and by a JSPS research fellowship to S.Y. We thank Dr. Martin Dračínský for providing the [Eu([D9]fod)3] compound and Dr. Radek Pelc (Stentor Institute, Prague) for helpful comments.


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Beef up the signal: Induced resonance Raman optical activity (IRROA) in the presence of a europium complex enabled the detection of molecular chirality (see picture) with a 104-fold increase in sensitivity relative to that observed with conventional nonresonant vibrational ROA. The method can thus be used as a sensitive tool for the determination of the absolute configuration and enantiomeric excess of organic and biologically relevant compounds.