Cover Picture: Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Amphidinolide F (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 32/2012)



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Hidden symmetry within the THF-containing moieties of the macrocycle of amphidinolide F led S. Mahapatra and R. G. Carter to employ a synthetic strategy including a common intermediate, as reported in their Communication on page 7948 ff. The cover picture highlights key steps of the total synthesis as well as the locations on both sides of the Pacific of the initial characterization (Hokkaido University) and first synthesis (Oregon State University) of the natural product.

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Chemical Networks

In their Communications on pages 7922 ff., 7928 ff., and 7933 ff., B. A. Grzybowski and co-workers develop a computational algorithm to identify one-pot reaction sequences, optimal synthetic pathways, and potential chemical threats from unregulated substances.

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Materials Science

S. Takeuchi and co-workers describe the synthesis of macroscopic cables that consist of assembled nanofibers in their Communication on page 7942 ff. The orientation of the nanofibers can be controlled using coaxial microfluidic devices.

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Nanoparticle Self-Assembly

In their Communication on page 8021 ff., H. Chen et al. report the highly selective self-assembly of encapsulated gold nanoparticles to form long chains with uniform width and interparticle spacing.

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