Design of an Active Site towards Optimal Electrocatalysis: Overlayers, Surface Alloys and Near-Surface Alloys of Cu/Pt(111)


  • Funding by the Danish Strategic Research Council’s (DSRC) HyCycle program and SERC project (grant no. 2104-06-0011), the Spanish Government’s, “Programa Nacional de Movilidad de Recursos Humanos del PN de I-D+I 2008-2011”, the PSO-financed ForskEL/ELgrant (HighPerformanceMEA’s, project 010076) from and Catalysis for Sustainable Energy research initiative, funded by the Danish Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation is acknowledged. A.S.B. acknowledges additional financial support from the European Union and the MWIFT-NRW (Hightech.NRW competition). The Center for Atomic-scale Materials Design is supported by the Lundbeck Foundation. The Center for Individual Nanoparticle Functionality is supported by the Danish National Research Foundation.


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I could never be without Cu: An active site has been designed for the catalysis of CO electroxidation. This was achieved by incorporating submonolayer amounts of Cu (orange spheres) into a single crystal of Pt (gray spheres). The electrochemical reactivity of this surface was highly sensitive to the exact position of Cu (see scheme).