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Thermally Assisted Photonic Inversion of Supramolecular Handedness


  • We are grateful to Prof. Bert Meijer for fruitful discussions and suggestions. A.A. is grateful to the Department of Atomic Energy for a DAE-SRC Outstanding Researcher award. A.G. and M.H. are thankful to CSIR for fellowships. We thank Mr. C. K. Chandrakanth (NIIST, Trivandrum) for SEM measurements. This is contribution No. NIIST-PPG-330.


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Spiraling into control: A photoresponsive supramolecular assembly demonstrates that light, along with heating (Δ) and cooling (), can cause chiral communication between molecules. This effect leads to bias in the helicity of the complex, causing a reversible switching of macroscopic handedness, as shown by a reversal of sign of the circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) that is emitted.

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