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Tri-G-Quadruplex: Controlled Assembly of a G-Quadruplex Structure from Three G-Rich Strands


  • J.Z. is the recipient of a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship, and this work was supported by grants from ANR (G4Toolbox, F-DNA and QuantADN), ARC, Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine (“Chaire d’accueil” to J.L.M.), Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale and FRS-FNRS (FRFC no 2.4528.11 to V.G.).


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In my (DNA) dreams: A tri-G-quadruplex was constructed from three strands (T1–T3) of DNA using duplex formation to guide the G-rich tracts into close proximity with the addition of Li+ ions (see scheme). The defined G-quadruplex structure was formed upon addition of Na+ ions and characterized by gel electrophoresis and spectroscopy.