A Simple Synthesis of Sugar Nucleoside Diphosphates by Chemical Coupling in Water


  • We acknowledge Dr. Morten Munch Nielsen for his contribution with the initial cloning and expression of starch synthase I, and Prof. Monica M. Palcic for her guidance in all of the enzymology aspects of this work.


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Sugar nucleotides made easy: The new reagent “ImIm”, which is formed in situ in water, is shown to activate nucleoside 5′-phosphates to their imidazolides, these can subsequently couple with sugar-1-phosphates; the whole procedure takes place in water. This truly simple method yields a crude product mixture that can be used directly as a source of donors for glycosyltransferase-mediated oligsaccharide synthesis. In the scheme, B stands for the nucleobases U, A, or G.