Stimuli-Responsive Folding and Unfolding of a Polymer Bearing Multiple Cerium(IV) Bis(porphyrinate) Joints: Mechano-imitation of the Action of a Folding Ruler


  • This study was supported partially by a Grant-in-Aid for Scientifc Research for Priority Area “Coodination Programming” (area 2107) and “Innovative Nanobio” (area 521) to M.T. from MEXT (Japan).


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A pivotal guest role: A new porphyrin polymer, poly(PorZn⋅DD) (see picture, pink/purple), composed of a porphyrinatozinc and a porphyrin double-decker complex as a repeating unit was synthesized. In poly(PorZn⋅DD), porphyrinatozinc complexes recognize a divalent amine (tan/red) to induce an intramolecular pivoting motion through the rotation of porphyrin double-decker complexes and the polymer undergoes shortening and compaction.