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Crystal Engineering of a Microporous, Catalytically Active fcu Topology MOF Using a Custom-Designed Metalloporphyrin Linker


  • The authors acknowledge the University of South Florida and the US Department of Energy (DE-AR0000177) for financial for financial support of this work. The authors thank Dr. Daqiang Yuan for help in drawing structural pictures of MMPF-3. The crystal diffraction of MMPF-3 was carried out at the Advanced Photon Source on beamline 15ID-B of ChemMatCARS Sector 15 (NSF/CHE-0822838, DE-AC02-06CH11357).


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A 12-connected fcu metal–organic framework (MOF), MMPF-3, has been prepared using a CoII metalloporphyrin. MMPF-3 is comprised of the same polyhedral supermolecular building blocks as the prototypal fcu-MOF, fcu-MOF-1, and its nanoscale cavities feature 18 catalytically active cobalt centers. The high density (ca. 5 cobalt sites/nm3) affords MMPF-3 superior performance in catalytic epoxidation of trans-stilbene compared to other MOFs.