Magnetic Anisotropy and Spin-Parity Effect Along the Series of Lanthanide Complexes with DOTA


  • This work was supported by the European Research Council through the AdG “NoINanoMaS” (grant number 267746), by the Italian MIUR (PRIN 2008), Spanish research project MAT2011-27233-C02-02, Région Bretagne, Rennes Métropole, and by the Italian CINECA through the award number HP10AI85MB, 2011.


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Spotting trends: Upon going from TbIII to YbIII centers in the complexes of the DOTA4− ligand, a reorientation of the easy axis of magnetization from perpendicular to parallel to the Ln[BOND]O bond of the apical water molecule is experimentally observed and theoretically predicted (see picture; SMM=single-molecule magnet). Only ions with an odd number of electrons show slow relaxation of the magnetization.