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Room Temperature Magnetic Detection of Spin Switching in Nanosized Spin-Crossover Materials


  • We acknowledge financial support from EADS Corporate Foundation (to F.T.), MEST World-Class University program through the NRF (R32-20026 to C.G.K.), and CROSSNANOMAT (ANR-10-BLAN-0716 to A.B.). C. Consejo, P. Solignac, and O. Kraieva are thanked for their technical assistance.


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Building a better SQUID: A prototype for a SQUID-like magnetometry device for the indirect detection of room-temperature switching in spin-crossover nanoparticles has been developed and used in the study of [Fe(hptrz)3](OTs)2 (hptrz=4-heptyl-1,2,4-triazole, OTs=p-toluenesulfonyl) nanoparticles, as a proof of concept for this novel micromagnetometry approach. The method provides significant benefits over conventional SQUID and nano-SQUID techniques.