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Manipulating Local Ligand Environments for the Controlled Nucleation of Metal Nanoparticles and their Assembly into Nanodendrites


  • This work was supported by Indiana University and the Cottrell Scholar Program sponsored by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. We thank Dr. David Morgan of the IU Nanoscale Characterization Facility for assistance with TEM measurements, and Dr. Maren Pink of the IU Molecular Structure Center for assistance with XRD measurements.


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Branching out: A simple two-component system comprised of a Pd precursor and oleylamine has shown that both the rate of nanoparticle nucleation and growth can be controlled by manipulating the local ligand environment, thus allowing the facile selection of either Pd nanodendrites or monodisperse Pd nanoparticles (see TEM images). This ligand-controlled approach connects fundamental principles of coordination chemistry to nanostructure design.