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In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging with Ag2S Quantum Dots in the Second Near-Infrared Region


  • This work is supported by NIH-NCI 5R01CA135109-02 to H. Dai, the Chinese Academy of Science “Bairen Ji Hua” program, the Chinese Academy of Science “Strategic Priority Research Program” (XDA01030200), the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (2011CB965004) and the National Science Foundation of China (20173225) to Q. Wang, and a Stanford Graduate Fellowship to G. Hong.


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Hits the dot: Ag2S quantum dots (QDs) with bright near-infrared-II fluorescence emission (around 1200 nm) and six-arm branched PEG surface coating (see scheme) were synthesized for in vivo small-animal imaging. The 6PEG-Ag2S QDs afforded a tumor uptake of approximately 10 % injected dose/gram, owing to a long circulation half-life of approximately 4 h. Clearance of the injected 6PEG-Ag2S QDs occurs mainly through the biliary pathway in mice.