Unconventional Reactivity of Imidazolylidene Pyridylidene Ligands in Iridium(III) and Rhodium(III) Complexes


  • We gratefully acknowlegde financial support from the MEC of Spain (CTQ2011-24055/BQU) and Bancaixa (P1.1B2010-02). We would also like to thank the Juan de la Cierva program (E.M.-M.). Candela Segarra thanks the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación for a fellowship. The authors are grateful to the Serveis Centrals d’Instrumentació Científica (SCIC) of the Universitat Jaume I for providing us with spectroscopic and X-Ray facilities. We thank Prof. D. Gusev from the Wilfrid Laurier University for the thoughtful discussions.


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Expect the unexpected: The reactions of a series of imidazolium pyridinium salts with [{IrCp*Cl2}2] and [{RhCp*Cl2}2] afford a series of complexes. Together with the expected bis(NHC) complexes, some species resulting from C[BOND]C coupling between the pyridylidene and Cp* ligands were observed (see figure; Cp*=pentamethylcyclopentadienyl).