Photoelectrocatalysis to Improve Cycloreversion Quantum Yields of Photochromic Dithienylethene Compounds


  • This work was supported by GRL (2010-00353) and WCU program (R31-2008-000-10010-0) (W.N.) from the NRF, Korea, Grants-in-Aid (nos 20108010 and 23750014) (S.F. and K.O.) of the Global COE program from the JSPS (Japan), and RP-Grant 2010 (Y.Y.) of Ewha Womans University.


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An open and shut case: Photoirradiation of the 9-mesityl-10-methylacridinium ion, which acts as a photoredox catalyst, evoked catalytic cycloreversion of the photochromic 1,2-dithienylethene (DTE) compounds with one order of magnitude enhancement in quantum yields. Mechanistic studies revealed that the back electron transfer and electron transfer from the neutral closed form of DTE compounds to the open-form radical cation are key steps.