Two-Photon-Activated Ligand Exchange in Platinum(II) Complexes


  • Y.Z. thanks the University of Warwick and ORSAS for PhD funding. G.M.R. thanks the Leverhulme Trust for postdoctoral funding. S.E.G. thanks the EPSRC for a doctoral training studentship. M.J.P. thanks the European Research Council for funding under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013)/ERC Grant No. 258990. V.G.S. thanks the EPSRC for equipment grants (EP/E011187 and EP/H003401), the Royal Society for a University Research Fellowship and the University of Warwick for an RDF Award. N.J.F. and P.J.S. thank the EPSRC (EP/G006792/1) and the ERC (award no. 247450).


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Two photons are better than one: A square-planar PtII complex with derivatized pyridine ligands was synthesized (see scheme), which undergoes two-photon-induced ligand substitution with 600–740 nm light. Linear and quadratic density functional response theory allowed identification of the electronic transitions involved.