Dynamic Photo-Switching in Metal–Organic Frameworks as a Route to Low-Energy Carbon Dioxide Capture and Release


  • Parts of this work were carried out at the powder diffraction beamline at the Australian Synchrotron, Victoria, Australia. R.L. thanks the Australian Postgraduate Award Scheme for the provision of a scholarship, Larissa Lyndon for assistance with figures, Dr. Anita J. Hill and Dr. Kenji Schumida for helpful discussions, Fabre Merrin for providing the graphical abstract, and Dr. Laurence Meagher and Dr. Helmut Thissen for providing the light filters. This research is supported by the Science and Industry Endowment Fund.


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Like wringing out a sponge, a metal–organic framework loaded with structure-changing light-responsive groups can squeeze out captured CO2. Because of the groups being structurally integral, there is oscillation between native and excited states. Pairing with CO2 capture from coal-based power generation could reduce the parasitic energy load of adsorbent regeneration.