Towards the Simplification of Protein Synthesis: Iterative Solid-Supported Ligations with Concomitant Purifications


  • The Région Centre council is gratefully acknowledged for financial support (FibroCat project and PhD fellowship for I.E.V.), as is ANR (JCJC08-0138, SynProt project) and la Ligue contre le cancer. We thank the CBM spectrometric platforms, and in particular Guillaume Gabant for recording most of the MALDI-TOF spectra and Hervé Meudal for the NMR spectra. We also thank Violette Senille, Dominique Lelièvre, and Dr. Chrystelle Derache for peptide synthesis.


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Please release me: A new linker for the temporary tagging of peptides at their N-terminus after solid-phase elongation, and its potential for capture/release purification is demonstrated. This concept is extended to a remarkably efficient self-purifying N-to-C iterative triazole ligation strategy, which is applied to the synthesis of a polypeptide having 160 residues, in a high purity without the need for chromatographic purification (see picture; orange blocks: peptide segments).