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Dendritic Luminescent Gold(III) Complexes for Highly Efficient Solution-Processable Organic Light-Emitting Devices


  • V.W.-W.Y. acknowledges support from The University of Hong Kong under the URC Strategic Research Theme on Molecular Materials. This work was fully supported by a grant from the Theme-Based Research Scheme of the Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No. T23-713/11). M.-C.T. and D.P.-K.T. acknowledge the receipt of postgraduate studentships from The University of Hong Kong.


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Emission control: Carbazole-based dendritic alkynylgold(III) complexes have been evaluated as phosphorescent emitters in organic light-emitting devices. The energy as well as the bathochromic shift of the emissions can be tuned effectively through a control of the dendrimer generation (see spectra). The optimized devices show high current and external quantum efficiencies of up to 24.0 cd A−1 and 7.8 %, respectively.