Tailored Mesostructured Copper/Ceria Catalysts with Enhanced Performance for Preferential Oxidation of CO at Low Temperature


  • This work was supported by NSERC (Canada) and FQRNT (Province of Quebec). Y.S. acknowledges support from the National Research Foundation (National Honor Scientist Program 20110031411) and the World Class University Program (R312011000100710) in Korea. The authors thank Prof. Ryong Ryoo (KAIST, Korea) for access to a high-resolution TEM microscope, Jean-François Rioux (Université Laval, Canada) for the Raman spectroscopy data, and Stephane Turgeon and Dr. Pascale Chevallier (Biotechnology and Bioengineering Unit, CHUQ, Quebec, Canada) for kindly supplying XPS data.


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Porosity control: Mixed metal oxides (CuM/CeO2, M=Co, Fe) with tailored porosity were prepared by improved hard templating. These materials were highly active and selective catalysts for low-temperature oxidation of CO in the presence of excess H2 (see picture), a process which is central for the practical use of H2 in proton-exchange membrane fuel cells.