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Photo- and Thermoresponsive Polymersomes for Triggered Release


  • The authors thank Maximilian Zieringer for fruitful discussions and help with characterization of the PNIPAM-b-PLGA with gel permeation chromatography. This work was supported by Amore-Pacific, the NSF (grant number DMR-1006546), and the Harvard MRSEC (grant number DMR-0820484). E.A. thanks the Swiss National Foundation for financial support (grant number PBEZP2_137304). Electron microscopy was performed at the center for nanoscale systems (CNS), a member of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN), which is supported by the National Science Foundation under NSF award number ECS-0335765. CNS is part of Harvard University.


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Microfluidics: Thermo- and photoresponsive polymersomes are assembled using capillary microfluidic devices. Encapsulants can be selectively released from the thermoresponsive polymersomes if they are incubated at and above temperatures of 40 °C, whereas the photoresponsive polymersomes selectively release encapsulants if illuminated with laser light (see picture; NP=nanoparticle).

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