FeCl3-Mediated Friedel–Crafts Hydroarylation with Electrophilic N-Acetyl Indoles for the Synthesis of Benzofuroindolines


  • We thank the CNRS and the Université Paris-Sud (Fellowship to R.B.) for financial support, and Didier Gori for HPLC analysis.


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IRONic electrophilic indoles! The C3-regioselective hydroarylation of N-acetyl indoles with aromatic nucleophiles mediated by FeCl3 features a rare example of the electrophilic reactivity of the indole core in a Friedel–Crafts reaction. This indole umpolung allows us straightforward access to the tetracyclic benzofuroindoline motif found in the natural product diazonamide A, which is a potent antitumor agent.