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Small but Strong Lessons from Chemistry for Nanoscience


  • I thank the National Science Foundation for its continued support of my work over the years (CHE-0910623). Xiao-Dong Wen has been my able collaborator in our exploration of the role of dimensionality in chemistry and physics. Taeghwan Hyeon introduced us by example to the wonders of CdSe nanostructures, and I am grateful to him for discussions, comments, and references. Richard Dronskowski, Neil Ashcroft, Prasad Dasari, Chris Henley, Andreas Hermann, Will Dichtel, Lars Kloo, Ji Feng gave me some very useful comments on this work.


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In a different light: In a provocative look at nanoscience, Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann considers the structural and electronic perplexities of dimensionality, the consequences of bond severance in nano-object formation, the implications of simple acid-base chemistry for stabilization of nanostructures, and what lessons might be learned from surface science on structural relaxation and reconstruction.

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