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Synthesis and Characterization of [M2(N[DOUBLE BOND]CtBu2)5] (M=Mn, Fe, Co): Metal Ketimide Complexes with Strong Metal–Metal Interactions


  • We thank the National Science Foundation (CHE 1059097) and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for financial support of this work. We also thank Prof. Matt Shores for helpful discussions. This research made use of the SQUID Magnetometer of the Materials Research Laboratory: an NSF MRSEC, supported by NSF DMR 1121053.


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Bond, metal–metal bond: Addition of 2.5 equiv of Li(N[DOUBLE BOND]CtBu2) to MCl2 (M=Mn, Fe, and Co), followed by addition of [12]crown-4, results in formation of [Li([12]crown-4)2][M2(N[DOUBLE BOND]CtBu2)5] in good yields. These complexes exhibit short M–M distances and strong magnetic communication between metal centers, thus demonstrating that ketimides are viable co-ligands for promoting metal–metal bonding.

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