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Light-Induced Modular Ligation of Conventional RAFT Polymers


  • C.B.-K. is grateful for continued support from Evonik Industries and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in the context of the Excellence Initiative for leading German universities as well as the Ministry of Science and Arts of the state of Baden-Württemberg.


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Making light work of RAFT conjugation: A non-activated RAFT agent at the end of RAFT polymers can readily be coupled with ortho-quinodimethanes (photoenols) in a photo-triggered Diels–Alder reaction under mild conditions without catalyst (see scheme). The method is universal and opens the door for the conjugation of a large number of RAFT-prepared polymers with photoenol-functionalized (macro)molecules. (RAFT=reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer.)

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