Using Smell To Triage Samples in Point-of-Care Assays


  • This work was supported by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, and Louis Martarano. S.T.P acknowledges support from the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellows program. We appreciate the contributions of Kyle Schmid, Kristin Beiswenger, Travis Cordes, Nicole Thom, Marley Pillion, Kimy Yeung, Henry Kaweesi, Anthony DiLauro, Jessica Robbins, Matthew Baker, Greg Lewis, and Michael Olah in providing independent evaluation of the qualitative portions of the assay.


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Smell of success: Reagent 1 provides the dual readouts of odor (ethanethiol) and fluorescence (derivative of 7-hydroxycoumarin) and can be used in down-selection assays based on smell and quantitative fluorescence assays of the samples that give a positive result. An important feature of 1 is the matched sensitivity of the two outputs. This reagent is designed for use in resource-limited settings and is demonstrated in assays that detect enzymes.