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From Olefins to Alcohols: Efficient and Regioselective Ruthenium-Catalyzed Domino Hydroformylation/Reduction Sequence


  • This work has been funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Leibniz price), the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF, grants for I.F.), and Evonik Oxeno GmbH. We thank Dr. C. Fischer, S. Buchholz, S. Schareina, S. Smyczek, I. Stahr, A. Koch, and Dr. W. Baumann for their technical and analytical support.


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Exploring the alternatives: Ruthenium imidazoyl phosphine complexes catalyze the domino hydroformylation/reduction of alkenes to alcohols in good yields and with good selectivities (see scheme). Linear aliphatic alcohols are synthesized under reaction conditions typically used in industrial hydroformylations.

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