• alkynes;
  • nitrogen heterocycles;
  • rearrangement;
  • rhodium;
  • ring expansion

Gas Sensors

In their Communication on page 10740 ff., T. M. Swager et al. demonstrate that mechanical abrasion of compressed single-walled carbon nanotubes between metal electrodes on the surface of paper generates sensors that can detect gaseous ammonia at concentrations below 0.5 ppm.

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Pickering Emulsions

In their Communication on page 10746 ff., J. C. M. van Hest et al. describe the stabilization of a Pickering emulsion through fully packed crosslinked polymersomes at the water/oil interface.

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Delivery of siRNA

In their Communication on page 10751 ff., K. Kataoka et al. show that phenylboronate-functionalized micelles can encapsulate siRNAs and then release their cargo in response to a change in ATP concentration.

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