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Ligand-Shell-Directed Assembly and Depolymerization of Patchy Nanoparticles


  • I.A.W. and F.S. thank the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation (2008277), and I.A.W. thanks the Israel Science Foundation (248/09), for support. We thank Prof. Jacob Klein for input regarding counterion release.


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Unprecedented insertions of cationic alkanethiols, HS(CH2)11N(CH3)3+ (see scheme; cyan-colored rods), between polyoxometalate protecting ligands, α-AlW11O399− (blue circles), and the surfaces of gold nanoparticles, give “zwitterionic” patchy nanoparticles (PNs). Their shell structures and assembly properties vary with particle size during rational in situ modifications that lead to three-component core–shell aggregates never observed before in PNs.

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