[(μ-H)3Re3(CO)9222-Sc2C2@C3v(8)-C82)]: Face-Capping Cluster Complex of an Endohedral Fullerene


  • We are grateful for support of this research by the National Science Council of Taiwan.


original image

Like a miniature trophy, the complex pictured was obtained as the sole product from the reaction of Sc2C2@C3v(8)-C82 and [(μ-H)3Re3(CO)11(NCMe)] and characterized by IR, visible/near-infrared, and NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, and X-ray diffraction. Coordination of the Re3 cluster to the unique hexagon oriented perpendicular to the C3 axis of the fullerene core altered the geometry and electronic properties of Sc2C2@C3v(8)-C82.