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Confirmation of an Early Postulate: B[BOND]C[BOND]B Two-Electron–Three-Center Bonding in Organo(hydro)boranes


  • A.H. wishes to thank the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie for a Ph.D. grant. Quantum-chemical calculations were performed at the Center for Scientific Computing (CSC) Frankfurt on the LOEWE-CSC high-performance computer cluster. This work was supported by the Beilstein-Institut, Frankfurt/Main (Germany), within the research collaboration NanoBiC.


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Finally, boron did it too: The first example of a dimeric organyl(hydro)borane with a B-B-bridging aryl ring has been elucidated (see picture; B green/blue, C black/gray). It features a B[BOND]C[BOND]B two-electron–three-center bond and a largely unperturbed aromatic π-electron system.