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Towards More Active and Stable Electrocatalysts for Formic Acid Electrooxidation: Antimony-Decorated Octahedral Platinum Nanoparticles


  • This work has been financially supported by the MICINN (Feder) of Spain and the Generalitat Valenciana through projects CTQ2010-16271 and PROMETEO/2009/45. F.J.V.I. also thanks the European Social Funding.


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Antimony has it covered: Sb-decorated octahedral Pt nanoparticles have been prepared, and their electrocatalytic properties evaluated for formic acid electrooxidation. When tested at 0.2 V, these nanoparticles displayed high and stable current densities, as well as 35, five, and eight-fold current oxidation increases over bare octahedral and Sb-decorated spherical and cubic nanoparticles, respectively.