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Controlled Deprotection and Reorganization of Uranyl Oxo Groups in a Binuclear Macrocyclic Environment


  • We thank the University of Edinburgh and EPSRC (UK) for funding.


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Switching on uranium(V) reactivity: The silylated uranium(V) dioxo complex [(Me3SiOUO)2(L)2] (A) is inert to oxidation, but after two-electron reduction to [(Me3SiOUO)2(L)]2− (1), it can be desilylated to form [OU(μ-O)2UO(L)2]2− (2) with reinstated uranyl character. Removal of the silyl group uncovers new redox and oxo rearrangement chemistry for uranium, thus reforming the uranyl motif and involving the UVI/V couple in dioxygen reduction.