Cover Picture: Multivalency as a Chemical Organization and Action Principle (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 42/2012)



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Multivalent binding of dendritic polyglycerolsulfate (dPGS) to the surface-exposed adhesion receptor L-selectin shields white blood cells from contacting activated vascular endothelium. In the case of overwhelming inflammation, dPGS treatment strongly inhibits leukocyte emigration and thus acts as a highly effective anti-inflammatory compound. Further information on the topic of multivalency can be found in the Review by R. Haag et al. on page 10472 ff. The cover picture was designed by Dipl.-Chem. Achim Wiedekind, with the background based on a graphic from Juan Gaertner/

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In their Communication on page 10500 ff., E. Sigel, D. Trauner, and co-workers introduce an azobenzene derivative of propofol that can be employed as a light-dependent general anesthetic in translucent tadpoles.

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Water-Solubilized Indigo

In their Communication on page 10652 ff., U. Kynast et al. describe the transfer of the neutral organic dye indigo into the aqueous phase. This transfer is facilitated by nanoclays through the formation of an inorganic–organic hybrid material.

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The high anticancer activity of water-resistant salan–titanium(IV) compounds that are formulated into nanoparticles is presented by E. Y. Tshuva, S. Magdassi, et al. in their Communication on page 10515 ff.

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