Amphiphilic Design of a Discotic Liquid-Crystalline Molecule for Dipole Manipulation: Hierarchical Columnar Assemblies with a 2D Superlattice Structure


  • This research was supported by KAKENHI (21350108 (T.F.) and 23750170 (T.K.)). The synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiments were performed at BL45XU in the SPring-8 Center with approval (proposal 20110065).


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A liquid-crystalline dibenzophenazine that was forced to adopt a head-to-head stacking arrangement to generate a large dipole moment adapted to this stacking by hierarchical assembly into a 2D hexagonal superlattice (see picture). Thus, the net dipole and the contact area between immiscible side chains were minimized. Homeotropic alignment of the assembly on glass gave rise to directional charge transport.