[(μ-C){Re(CO)2(η-C5H5)}2]: A Surprisingly Simple Bimetallic Carbido Complex


  • This work was supported by the Australian Research Council (DP0557815 and DP1093516). The authors are grateful to the National Computational Infrastructure for access to the Australian National University supercomputer facilities.


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It's easy to C: The reaction of [Re(CO)2(CS)(η-C5H5)] with [Re(CO)2(thf)(η-C5H5)] affords the disulfur complex [Re(CO)22-S2)(η-C5H5)] and the remarkably simple μ-carbido complex [(μ-C){Re(CO)2(η-C5H5)}2], which has been structurally characterized and computationally investigated (see picture; black C, white H, red O, green Re).