Heterolytic Activation of H2 Using a Mechanically Interlocked Molecule as a Frustrated Lewis Base


  • This research work was supported by NSERC of Canada Discovery grants and Canada Research Chair awards (S.J.L. and D.W.S.). C.B.C. and V.N.V. are grateful to NSERC of Canada for the awarding of Alexander Graham Bell Graduate Scholarships and V.N.V. to the International Center for Diffraction Data for a Ludo Frevel Scholarship.


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Frustrating: A sterically unencumbered aniline base (see picture, left) can be transformed into a bulky Lewis base by converting it into a [2]rotaxane (right). This Lewis base donor, which is surrounded by a protective macrocyclic ring, exhibits the reactivity of a frustrated Lewis pair (e.g. activation of H2(g)) without the need for direct covalent modification to increase its bulk.