Catalytic Hydrogenation of Amides to Amines under Mild Conditions


  • This work was supported by the DFG, the International Research Training Group “Catalysts and Catalytic Reactions for Organic Synthesis” (IRTG 1038) and the Krupp Foundation. We thank BASF SE, Umicore, Chemtura, and Wacker for generous gifts of chemicals, especially BASF SE for the supply of catalysts. We thank Dr. M. Keller, Dr. R. Thomann, Dr. J. Wörth and C. Warth for analytical help, and K. Wenz for assistance in functionalized amide synthesis and catalysis.


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Under (not so much) pressure: A general method for the hydrogenation of tertiary and secondary amides to amines with excellent selectivity using a bimetallic Pd–Re catalyst has been developed. The reaction proceeds under low pressure and comparatively low temperature. This method provides organic chemists with a simple and reliable tool for the synthesis of amines.