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Potassium–Alkane Interactions within a Rigid Hydrophobic Pocket


  • D.J.H.E. thanks the NSERC of Canada for a Discovery Grant. N.R.A. thanks the NSERC of Canada and the province of Ontario for CGS-M and OGS support. We are also grateful to H. A. Jenkins for help with X-ray crystallography, and to P. W. Ayers and I. Vargas-Baca for helpful discussions regarding DFT calculations.


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A NON-issue: Potassium complexes of an extremely rigid and sterically encumbered NON-donor ligand have been prepared, and the solid-state structures (see figure) feature remarkably short potassium–alkane distances. DFT calculations highlight the presence of an electrostatic cation-induced dipole potassium–alkane interaction supported by interactions between the alkane and the surrounding ligand framework.