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Decarboxylative Cross-Coupling of Mesylates Catalyzed by Copper/Palladium Systems with Customized Imidazolyl Phosphine Ligands


  • We thank the DFG (SFB-TRR 88 “3Met”), Saltigo GmbH, Bayer Science & Education Foundation (fellowship to B.S.), and NanoKat for funding. We also thank Dr. U. Bergsträßer and Dr. H. Kelm for the crystal structure analysis, and D. Hackenberger for technical assistance.


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The activation of the inert C[BOND]O bonds in mesylates through the use of a new class of imidazolyl phosphines allows the decarboxylative coupling of aryl mesylates as well as polysubstituted alkenyl mesylates. Variation of the ligands leads to two complementary methods providing the corresponding biaryls and polysubstituted olefins in good yields.

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