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Straightforward Synthetic Access to gem-Diaurated and Digold σ,π-Acetylide Species


  • The ERC (Advanced Investigator Award-FUNCAT) and the EPSRC are gratefully acknowledged for support of this work. Umicore AG is acknowledged for their generous gift of auric acid. We thank Dr. Ruben S. Ramón for preliminary synthetic contributions. S.P.N. is a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holder.


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The more the merrier: Following previous investigations on the synthesis of organogold complexes by using [Au(IPr)(OH)], a high-yielding straightforward methodology for the synthesis of gem-diaurated and σ,π-acetylide species via a dinuclear gold hydroxide complex [{Au(IPr)}2(μ-OH)][BF4] (see scheme) has now been developed.