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A Stable Singlet Biradicaloid Siladicarbene: (L:)2Si


  • H.W.R. thanks the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG RO 224/60-I) for support. We are grateful to Prof. Dr. Marina Bennati, Dr. Igor Tkach, Dr. Claudia Stückl for EPR and Felix Klinke for UV/Vis measurements. D.S. is grateful for funding from the DFG Priority Programme 1178, the DNRF-funded Center for Materials Crystallography (CMC) for support, and the Land Niedersachsen for providing a fellowship in the Catalysis for Sustainable Synthesis (CaSuS) Ph.D. program.


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A trapped silicon atom: The compound (L:)2Si with low-valent silicon was synthesized from its dichloride biradical precursor (L:)2SiCl2 by reduction with KC8. Theoretical analysis suggest that there are two donor–acceptor σ bonds L:→Si←:L. There is one σ lone-pair orbital at Si and one π orbital which features significant π-back-donation L:←Si→:L giving short Si[BOND]C bonds.

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