Perovskite-like Mn2O3: A Path to New Manganites


  • This work was supported by the DFG (project OV-110/1-1), Alexander von Humboldt foundation, European Union Council (FP7)—Grant no. 246102 IFOX, European Research Council (FP7)—ERC Starting Grant no. 278510 VORTEX and ERC Grant no. 246791—COUNTATOMS, and Hercules fund from the Flemish Government.


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Phases of the Mn2O3: Two new phases of Mn2O3—corundum-type ε-Mn2O3 and perovskite-type ζ-Mn2O3—were obtained by high-pressure high-temperature synthesis. Manganese atoms were found to completely occupy the A- and B-positions of perovskite simultaneously. The perovskite-type ζ-Mn2O3 has an A-site-ordered perovskite structure (see picture) containing Mn in three different oxidation states (+II, +III, and +IV).