A Generic One-Pot Route to Acyclic Two-Coordinate Silylenes from Silicon(IV) Precursors: Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Silylsilylene


  • We thank the Leverhulme Trust (F/08699/E), the Australian Research Council and the EPSRC (EP/F019181/1, EP/F055412/1, and computational resources through its National Service for Computational Chemistry Software). We also thank UCL for computing resources through the Research Computing “Legion” cluster and associated services.


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Si in sight: A one-pot, single-step synthesis of an acyclic silylsilylene, Si{Si(SiMe3)3}{N(SiMe3)Dipp} (Dipp=2,6-iPr2C6H3), from a silicon(IV) starting material is reported, together with evidence for a mechanism involving alkali metal silylenoid intermediates.