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Synthesis of Aryl Ethers from Benzoates through Carboxylate-Directed C[BOND]H-Activating Alkoxylation with Concomitant Protodecarboxylation


  • We thank the DFG (SFB/TRR-88, “3MET”) and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (fellowship to W.I.D.) for financial support, R. Bashirbayeva for technical assistance, and Prof. Dr. F. W. Patureau for advice.


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One in, one out: In the presence of a copper/silver bimetallic catalyst system, aromatic carboxylate salts undergo ortho C[BOND]H alkoxylation with concomitant loss of the carboxylate directing group in a protodecarboxylation step (see scheme, FG=functional group). This process provides a convenient synthetic access to the important class of aromatic ethers from widely available carboxylic acids.