Highly Selective Detection of Nitro Explosives by a Luminescent Metal–Organic Framework


  • We are grateful to IISER Pune and DST (GAP/DST/CHE-12-0083) for financial support. We also thank HEMRL, Pune for TNT and RDX samples. We acknowledge Dr. Partha Hazra and group for valuable discussions during our fluorescence studies.


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TNP can't hide from MOF: A three-dimensional fluorescent metal–organic framework (MOF), [Cd(NDC)0.5(PCA)]⋅Gx, can be used for the detection of 2,4,6-trinitrophenol (TNP). The MOF exhibits high selectivity towards TNP, even in the presence of other nitro explosives in aqueous and organic solutions, owing to electron- and energy-transfer mechanisms and electrostatic interactions.