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Complexity from Simplicity: Tricyclic Aziridines from the Rearrangement of Pyrroles by Batch and Flow Photochemistry


  • We thank the EPSRC (EP/E061575/1) for postdoctoral funding. K.G.M. thanks the EPSRC-funded Bristol Chemical Synthesis Doctoral Training Centre (EP/G036764/1), AstraZeneca for a PhD studentship. We also thank P. Dinham and P. Chappell for reactor construction.


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Molecular acrobatics: Irradiation of N-butenyl-substituted pyrroles that bear an electron-withdrawing group leads to complex tricyclic aziridines through an unprecedented photocycloaddition–rearrangement sequence. Gram quantities of these complex products could be produced by using a bespoke flow reactor (see picture, FEP=fluorinated ethylene propylene).