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New Directions in Industrial Chemical Research as Reflected in Angewandte Chemie


  • Dr. Andreas Kreimeyer

    Corresponding author
    1. Research Executive Director, BASF SE, 67056 Ludwigshafen (Germany)
    • Research Executive Director, BASF SE, 67056 Ludwigshafen (Germany)

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  • The BASF researchers who laid the solid groundwork of this Essay are acknowledged, in particular Andreas Fischer, Ingo Münster, Rocco Paciello, and Matthias G. Schwab. Valuable suggestions concerning the historic milestones were provided by my colleagues Peter Eckes, Christian Fischer, Dieter Jahn, Karl-Heinrich Hahn, Harald Lauke, and Friedrich Seitz. Finally, I thank Christian Defieber and Anja Feldmann for the preparation of the manuscript.


With its growing complexity and cross-linking of its disciplines, the profile of chemical sciences has changed radically over the last few decades: whereas individual molecules were originally the focus, emphasis has now shifted to intelligent chemistry in the form of holistic systems. How academia and industry find sustainable answers depends not least on the quality of the scientific dialogue, as documented and championed by Angewandte Chemie for 125 years.